Cinnamon Roll in New Year Eve Party

Hi Folks… HAPPY 2012!
I know maybe it’s been too Late to say Welcome 2012, my excuse because this is my first note on 2012. How’s your New Year Eve? I hope you all had been pleasure moment together with people you love. 

For me, a day before the 1st January of 2012 was one of the best. Not because it was running smoothly but because it was running pretty mess at the first time. I and my best friends are planned to have barbeque party (we never have barbeque party by ourselves before) everything are going okay, until the time we have to kindle the barbeque grill with charcoal. We have no idea how to burn it, so my friend mom helps us to make the charcoal burns.  

We are so happy and psyched when all the charcoal under grill grate was burn, or can I say “too much psyched” that lead us to put down the meatball vegetable stick covering the grill grate, and it’s become messing up. The fire unstable yet and the flames pretty big, but the meatball vegetable stick all already put it down, and I’m gone total mess because I have to layered the stick with barbeque sauce, rolling it, and forth, then my friends yelling the meat getting burned and another friends yelling “where’s the dish!” and so the fish, because the flames still too big and my friends already put it down, it was almost burn and we couldn’t eat it!
Even it was little bit running pretty unwell, we had saved the party and the foods turn out delicious. And my Friends and I was so happy and very enjoying the party.

Beside meatball vegetable stick and fish that we got on our very simple barbeque party, I had brings my homemade Cinnamon Roll breads to serve as “chit-chat food.” 

My Homemade Cinnamon Roll has a fluffy texture, I made the bread from bread basic recipe that I had grab on someone blog (don’t remember what’s the blog name) called butter roll bread. I little bit changed the layer ingredient, I substitute the brown sugar with palm sugar.

What you need:
Butter Roll Bread:
300g High Protein flour
                        6g Instant yeast                           
                                                      40g Sugar                                                          
                 1 Small/medium Egg                   
                                120g Cold milk                                  
                                        40g Salted butter                                         
100g Chopped red and green cherry   
Topping for Cinnamon Roll:
Mix together: Palm sugar, cinnamon powder,
Egg yolk

Preheat oven 180°c for 10 minutes
Mix flour, yeast, and sugar in a large bowl until combine.
Add egg mix well. Add milk gently (add 100 cc of milk first) knead it until the dough become elastic.
Add butter and chopped cherry. (In this part, the dough turns out much soggy than the bread dough used to be, keep knead until the dough become elastic.
Round the dough put in a bowl and closed with plastic wrap and save it for 30 – 40 minutes
Punch the dough to make the gas out, flat the dough into square shape with desired thickness
Layer the top of the dough with butter/margarine and sprinkle with walnut.
Roll the dough from bottom lengthy side to the top lengthy side. Then cut it in round shape with 1 cm of thickness. Layer the outer layer with egg yolk and put the dough on baking tray, make sure there are no spacing between one dough to another.  Bake for 15 -20 minutes
Layer the cinnamon roll again with butter or margarine to make it shimmery.
Add Cream Cheese, white chocolate, or Icing Sugar on the top if desire.


Anonymous said...

These are the ultimate 'chit-chat' food. I love cinnamon rolls. Have been making hundreds of them with different fillings. Yours look delicious and so delicate and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

These look fantastic! There's nothing better than homemade cinnamon rolls.

Anonymous said...

These look terrific and it sounds like you had a GREAT New Years Eve! Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

umh.. i can imagine how the taste when it have just taken from the oven.. so delish.. thank you for the serve mbem..

Baker Street said...

These look so pretty! Love the idea of waking up to these cinnamon rolls.

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